Paws and Claws
Complete Pet Care Services


$5 Off Your First Service (new customers only)

Collect a $5 Credit For Every Referral
Every referral that books with me earns a $5 credit towards your account

Initial Consultation
At this visit we can discuss your needs, answer questions, transfer keys,
and tour your home while discussing detailed instructions on how to care
for your pet(s).

Hourly Visit - 60 minutes
Choose 1 hour increments. Good for many multiple pet homes, and for
supervised feedings, walks, and play time.

Regular Visit - 30 minutes
Most dogs require 2 - 4 visits per day depending upon your schedule,
and especially if you are going on vacation so that they are not alone for
long periods of time. Cats vary but 2 visits per day is recommended.

Important Terms
Payment is due on a weekly basis for ongoing service requests/visits, and
same day for a single day visit. For vacation care, payment can be made
at the end of your holiday.

Cancellation Policy
Visit Type
Rate (Per Visit)
Initial Consultation
Vacation Care
Based Upon Need
Can be multiple visits
Can also be combined
with house sitting
Overnight in your home
No extra charges for multiple pets.

Please choose adequate time/visits to provide the
services requested.
7 Days Prior
No charge
1 - 6 Days Prior
50% of total charge of the service request